Italian-made excellence in Drum Painting!

Italian-made excellence in Drum Painting!

The Italian industry confirms its leadership in manufacturing with our #drumcoating plant that is redefining the game: with a productivity of up to 600 pieces per hour, it is set to revolutionize the domestic market. 

But what makes it so extraordinary? IMF Engineering’s ability to design and build coating plants that use both water-based and solvent-based paints, ensuring impeccable finishing on every surface of the drum. Our plant ensures outer finishing, protecting the drum from adverse environmental conditions and usage, thus extending its service life, and internal #functionalcoating, which protects against the potential corrosive action of the contents, preserving its quality and structural integrity.

That’s not all: our plant can treat the exhaust fumes by applying Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), post-combustion technology for safe management of the air purification process and to achieve greater energy efficiency, essential for the entire #paintingindustry, especially when high volumes of pieces with a large surface area are painted. All of this not only shows IMF Engineering’s concrete commitment to environmental sustainability but also ensures that drums are painted according to the highest standards of finishing quality.

This plant, which we’ll complete in 2024, is designed to handle drums of various shapes and sizes, cylindrical and conical: a flexibility that makes it ideal to meet the demands of drum manufacturers for a wide range of industries, from food production to petrochemicals. Furthermore, the productivity of 600 pieces per hour allows our client, a leading company, to optimize time, reduce costs, and seize growth and success opportunities by expanding into a new industrial reality in northern Italy.

In a period of tough competition, where #innovation is the key to success, the drum coating plant “made in IMF Engineering” stands out as a true game-changer, an expression of Italian ingenuity, quality, safety, and environmental consciousness. If you aim to take your production to the next level, contact us now: we are the answer to your #paintingneeds, ready to accompany you towards success !

Ph @Paweł Czerwiński